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Embedded in the stunning scenery of the Viennese Alps Sisi-Schloss Rudolfsvilla Reichenau is a particular gem from the heyday of this region which benefitting from the construction of the Südbahn Railway Line during the 1850ies turned into a hotspot for the rich and famous and as a result was soon dotted with countless elegant mansions and stately homes. Ever since Sisi-Schloss Rudolfsvilla has been closely linked with the historic developments in the Rax Region.
Built in 1857 as a summer residence for Sisi - Empress Elisabeth -, Emperor Francis Joseph, Crowne Prince Rudolf, and Archduchess Gisela by Anton Hefft, a leading architect from Vienna’s Ringstraßen era, the estate served as an Imperial summer retreat until 1865 and has since experienced a colourful history.
Sisi-Schloss Rudolfsvilla is currently undergoing extensive renovations. Rental offers include exclusive premises and business options for companies, professionals, artists etc. looking for an appropriate setting for their services whilst benefitting from the globally popular Sisi flair. Sisi enthusiasts now have the opportunity to rent one of the newly renovated apartments and recharge their batteries in the midst of unspoilt nature.
The function rooms are highly popular thanks to their ideal layout for private parties and cultural events, markets, fairs, etc. The Großer Salon on the first floor is a wonderful location for weddings etc.
The upcoming permanent exhibition Sisi Then & Now due to open in early summer 2016 will build a bridge between the past and the present. Renowned artists from all genres will present their visions and ideas on Austria’s most popular VIP.
Equally enchanting is the romantic Sisi-Park with its ancient chestnut trees, fountains, and little lake. The Park can also be rented for private functions, corporate events, etc.